The Choice to Heal.

You made a choice. But now years after the abortion you may feel regret, grief, embarrassment, shame and other intense emotions — and may fear the secret will be exposed.

Pregnancy Choices is here to offer support and hope.

Portraits is a 10-week Bible study journey for women (and men) that helps them heal from the emotional trauma of past abortion experiences and find a place of forgiveness and peace.

The small group is led by caring, trained facilitators who have come through their own deep healing*.

For more information on group dates and times, call or text 330.834.8224 or email

Most groups are held at the House of Hope, a new location for Pregnancy Choices to host grief and after-abortion recovery groups.

*Facilitators are not professional licensed counselors. However, referrals are available upon request. Groups are free to attend. There may be a small cost for materials.