Relationship Education – Church Youth Groups

Sold Out.


We all have choices. And we have freedom to make choices. But we know all choices have consequences. We want to empower young people make healthy choices throughout life by giving them the facts about their choices.

Sold Out is a risk avoidance program that serves middle and high school students at no cost. Using discussion and interactive demonstrations, Sold Out presenters teach students the benefits of delaying sexual activity until marriage and how to build healthy relationships. Sold Out is designed to come alongside youth leaders and parents to empower young people to make healthy decisions.

Sold Out presenters are available for Biblical based presentations that are age appropriate for youth. All presentations are adaptable to fit the needs of your youth.

To schedule a presentation or for further questions, you can email the Sold Out team at or call 330.455.7500 ext. 127. School and community presentations are also available.