Grief is something all of us experience, yet it isn’t something we need to walk through on our own.


House of Hope is a safe, confidential place where women can heal from various grief issues, such as a past abortion, miscarriage or pregnancy loss, sexual past, or childhood sexual abuse, as well as the death of a loved one, divorce, or other life changes.


We offer healing support through weekly group gatherings, monthly support, and retreats.


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Cleta, House of Hope Facilitator



“I serve at House of Hope because that’s where I found freedom from my past. Through my healing and brokenness I can encourage other women through their own journey to freedom as well.” – Cleta

Stefanie, Director of Recovery Services

“Hurts come in many shapes and sizes. Life itself brings many upsets and turnabouts.
But the hurts that come from others or by our own poor choices can be some of the
hardest to overcome. I’m living proof that we can be at peace with ourselves, God, and
with our past. There is HOPE for all of it! Let us walk with you as you journey on the
path to healing.”  -Stefanie