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SOLD OUT seeks to help teens build healthy relationships. How? We inspire, educate, assist and empower young people to make decisions that promote and support optimal health. Optimal health encompasses their social, mental,emotional and physical health. Our goal is to encourage them to have a happier, healthier and more hopeful future!

SOLD OUT partners with middle schools and high schools throughout Stark County (for more than 30 years) and interact with youth to promote positive change. We also are available to partner with Church and Community youth groups to share our important information about healthy relationships and healthy choices.

SOLD OUT is all about education- because educated people are better able to make informed decisions which leads to better choices and builds stronger relationships.

SOLD OUT Team Members:

Y. Pressley - prevention - prevention

Yvonne F Pressley

Michelle Baker
High School & Middle School Presenter

SOLD OUT Contact Information:
Please call 330.455.7500 ext 127
or email