What does your heart crave? Love? Intimacy? Worth? Control? 

The greatest human desire is to be loved. Its cavernous appetite demands satisfaction; its quest often takes us from one relationship to another. The results have a predictable ending and we can feel betrayed by what we thought would fill our heart’s void.

Whether we made past sexual choices we regret or were a victim against our will, our sexual past can leave scars on our hearts.

We can’t simply delete the painful chapters of our life. But what if we can truly be at peace with God and with our past? What if the Hero of our story can free us from the ghosts of the past, and instead craft a redemptive story through the pages of our life?

Unbound: Heal, Reclaim, Unleash is a 12-week journey that provides tools to help women heal from their sexual past.

*Facilitators are not professional licensed counselors. Referrals available upon request.


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In the Wildflowers

In the Wildflowers is a 10-week video and discussion series that help women heal from the painful memories and wounds of sexual abuse. Led by trained facilitators, this confidential group will help women process confusing feelings, develop healthy relationships, marital intimacy, and move from victim to survivor.

*Facilitators are not professional licensed counselors. It is recommended that group members be under professional care during this 10-week group, or have experienced some healing prior to this group.


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