Sold Out


Are you a teacher or an administrator? Do you have a student who wants to have the Sold Out Presenters come to his/her classroom. Or perhaps you’re a student and a friend of yours recommended Sold Out. No matter the reason, here’s the low-down.

Middle school and high school can be tough. There are a lot of choices to be made—ones that can impact each student’s future. The staff of Sold Out would like to help you navigate these choices with your students.

Sold Out is a Sexual Risk Avoidance program that serves 6-12 grade students in Stark County at no cost. We use the curriculum developed by Operation Keepsake—a highly successful program according to pre- and post- students’ surveys. Sold Out has been presented in Stark County for 31 years—serving all schools without charge under the umbrella of Pregnancy Choices.

Our program is designed to come alongside educators, youth leaders and parents to empower young people in making healthy choices.

Presenters are available for 4 consecutive days of classroom presentations that are research-based, medically accurate and age-appropriate. Using discussion and interactive demonstrations, Sold Out presenters share educational information that promotes building healthy relationships. Students grasp the benefits of healthy relationships based on more than simply the physical. Sexual abstinence at this pivotal time in their lives allows for focus on a student’s future with the ability to enjoy all the options of career and/or college. Presentations are adaptable to each school’s classroom schedule.

Every grade level covers different topics to ensure age-appropriate lessons; thus each grade level can stand alone. However Sold Out is most effective when all grade levels (6-12 grades) are implemented throughout an entire school district.

To schedule a presentation or for additional information, please email  or call 330.455.7500 ext. 127. Youth group presentations & local community organization speakers are also available.