These four ladies have a combined 86 years of marriage experience and a total of 18 children! They know a little bit about relationships, and raising kids. They may not be “experts” but are willing to share knowledge, ideas, and help in any way they can.


Erika, Client Services Director

1. How long have you worked for Pregnancy Choices?

“Seven years. I first came as an intern for college credit in 2013, then volunteered until I was hired October of 2014 as a receptionist, then Campus Director, then Education Coordinator and now Client Services Director.”


2. What is your favorite thing about working here?

“The clients!”


3. What is your passion?

“I love photography! I have a small photography business on the side.  I also enjoy bible journaling and hand lettering. I love to hike and be outside. I am a cast iron cookware collector and learning to cook over an open fire is an ongoing goal of mine.”


Erica, VITAL Coordinator

1. What do you like best about working at Pregnancy Choices?

Getting to know the women who come to the  VITAL group and all the baby snuggles!”


2. What is your favorite food?

“Queso and Chips. And tacos. Definitely tacos.”


3. Do you have a memorable Pregnancy Choices moment?

“I got pregnant during the first VITAL group I helped lead and my son Malachi was born in the middle of the group. The group started March 1, 2017 and found out I was pregnant on April 6, 2017. I drank the water at Pregnancy Choices! Don't drink the water at Pregnancy Choices!”


Pam, Lead Receptionist

1. You left a career in administrative work to come here. Why?

“I wanted to work with people. I wanted to know I was truly making a difference at my job, helping people, and contributing to something worthy.”


2. When you’re not at Pregnancy Choices, where can we find you?

“Camping, dreaming of the beach, hanging with my girlfriends, spending time with my family, and gardening.”


3. What will we always see on your desk?

“Coffee. Lots of coffee.”


Jo, Education Coordinator

1. How did you start working for Pregnancy Choices?

“I officially started  working here in late 2019 but I first came to Pregnancy Choices as a volunteer Client Advocate in  2018.”


2. Who is your favorite musical artist?

“Lauren Daigle”


3. You have 8 children! What is your best parenting advice?

“Be consistent with discipline and make sure your kids know that you love them but you don’t always love their behavior.”


Kathleen, Receptionist

1. What brought you to Pregnancy Choices?

“I have always had a heart for pregnant moms and babies and was blessed with 5 of my own.  In recent years I volunteered at a local pregnancy center and was trained to be a client advocate and also serve on and drive their mobile unit. I was told about the opportunity with PC and am excited to be on board.”


2.  What is your favorite type of music?

“Worship is my first choice. I do enjoy many different genres of music and artists and have a huge appreciation for music and musical talent. I once cried as a child because my radio was taken away for a week as part of being grounded.


3. With five children, what’s your best parenting tip?

“Teach them about God and find a good biblical church to take them to early in life. Singing, praying, and sitting still together are just a few of the life long benefits. Proverbs 22:6!”