Grief is a universal language of the soul, yet it is unique and deeply personal. The deep sadness, anger or other emotions you may feel serves as proof that your loss mattered; this isn’t how life was supposed to go.


If you are experiencing a loss that you are having difficulty coming to terms with, it can indicate that a healing and recovery group may be for you.


The following short quiz may reveal hidden ways that you might be holding on to grief.


  1. Do you feel you need to hide parts of your story for fear of what others will think of you if they find out?
  2. Are you struggling with fears, anger, anxiety, nightmares, unwanted thoughts, etc.?
  3. Do you feel “stuck” in your current circumstances?
  4. Have you been bullied in any stage of your life?
  5. Are you ready for a different ending to your story?
  6. Do you feel helpless to overcome the ghosts of your sexual past?
  7. Do you struggle with intimacy issues?
  8. Have you experienced the loss of a loved one, a dream, motherhood, innocence, friendship/relationship, or intimacy in marriage?
  9. Do you sometimes overuse prescription pain medication, alcohol, or other numbing agents to get through difficult times?
  10. Do you battle with secret addictions, such as spending, bingeing, pornography, gambling, etc.?
  11.  Do you struggle with control issues?
  12.  Do you have difficulty forgiving people who have hurt you?
  13.  Are you preoccupied with the anniversary dates of major losses in your life?
  14.  Are you struggling to enjoy things that you used to enjoy?
  15.  Do you feel that your current circumstance is “punishment” for choices you made in the past?


If you answered YES to any of the above statements, a healing and recovery group can help you move forward.